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Albert Uderzo

Albert Uderzo


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French : Comic Strip/cartoon

All ages

056080 Asterix the Gaul £7.99  


150821 Obélix et compagnie (La grande collection) £15.75  

All ages

Astérix in French

The ever popular adventures of Asterix, illustrated in full colour throughout....


074617 Astérix au service de Sa Majesté (Album du film) £12.75  
070753 Astérix chez les Pictes £12.75  
075307 Astérix et le secret de la potion magique £12.75  
075105 Astérix et les Vikings (Album du film) £12.75  
111395 Astérix et Obélix la grande collection 7/Le combat des chefs £21.75  
074200 Asterix Le papyrus de César £12.75  
074490 Comment Obélix est tombé dans la marmite du druide... £12.75  
075100 Le ciel lui tombe sur la tête £12.75  
074526 Astérix chez les Bretons/Astérix chez les Normands (album double) £26.95  
334830 Asterix a l'escòla gallesa (Occitan) £13.75  
079836 Benjamin et Benjamine : l'intégrale £20.95  

Italian : Comic Strip/cartoon

Ages 8-10

Asterix in Italian

Asterix, Obelix and friends - a favourite in any language!...


039440 Asterix alle Olimpiadi £14.50  
038586 Asterix e Cleopatra £12.95  
030072 Asterix e gli allori di Cesare £14.95  
032190 Asterix e gli Elvezi £14.50  
038175 Asterix e i Britanni £14.95  
039442 Asterix e i Goti £14.50  
039446 Asterix e i Normanni £14.50  
039430 Asterix e i pitti £14.50  
039432 Asterix e i pitti. DELUXE £37.50  
039448 Asterix e il duello dei capi £14.50  
038813 Asterix e il giro di Gallia £14.75  
033175 Asterix e il grande fossato £14.50  
033149 Asterix e il paiolo £14.50  
037975 Asterix e il papiro di Cesare £10.95  
039415 Asterix e il regalo di Cesare £14.50  
039413 Asterix e la galera di Obelix £14.95  
033176 Asterix e la Obelix S.P.A. £14.50  
039452 Asterix e la traviata £16.95  
033127 Asterix e la zizzania £14.50  
038174 Asterix gladiatore £13.95  
033129 Asterix in Corsica £14.50  
033126 Asterix in Iberia £14.50  
033004 Asterix legionario £14.95  
039433 Il compleanno di Asterix e Obelix. L'albo d'oro £16.95  
039437 Il figlio di Asterix £14.50  
033174 L'odissea di Asterix £14.50  
039434 Quando il cielo cadde sulla testa £16.75  


030799 Asterix e il falcetto d'oro Vol 2 £14.75  
039119 Asterix tra banche e banchetti £14.95  

Latin : Comic Strip/cartoon

Ages 8-10

033131 Asterix apud Britannos £11.50  
033130 Asterix Gallus £13.95  
033133 Asterix Legionarius £13.75  

Russian : Comic Strip/cartoon

Ages 0-15

Asterix in Russian

Asterix or The Adventures of Asterix (Astérix or Astérix le Gaulois) is a series of French comics. First appeared in 1959, the series still is the most popular Franco-Belgian comics in the world. It...


042060 Asteriks Gladiator / Asterix the Gladiator £14.95  
042066 Asteriks i Transitalika / Asterix and the Trans-Italic £14.95  
042052 Asteriks iz Gallii / Asterix the Gaul £14.95  
042064 Asteriks Poedinok Vozhdej / The Battle of the Chieftains £14.95  
042075 Asteriks v Britanii £14.95  
042077 Asteriks-legioner £14.95  
042061 Bolshaya Petlia / Asterix and the Banquet £14.95  
042067 Papirus Tsezaria / Asterix and the Missing Scroll £14.95  
042079 Shchit Arverna £14.75  
042059 Zolotoy Serp / Asterix and the Golden Sickle £14.95  

Spanish : Comic Strip/cartoon

Ages 8-10

Astérix in Spanish

The adventures of Asterix and friends - as popular as ever....


025167 Astérix el gladiador (Gran colección) £17.50  
025137 Astérix en Bretaña £17.50  
025130 Astérix el galo £17.50  
025184 El secreto de la poción mágica £17.50  
126727 Astérix en America £17.50  
025139 Astérix en Hispania £17.50  
025141 Astérix en la India £17.50  
025136 Astérix legionario £17.50  
025134 Astérix y Cleopatra £17.50  
025154 Astérix y la Traviata £17.50  
025583 Astérix y lo nunca visto £17.50  
025131 Astérix y los godos £17.50  
025135 Astérix y los normandos £14.75  
025183 Astérix y los normandos £17.50  
022317 Asterix en Helvecia £17.50  
022328 Asterix, la rosa y la espada £17.50  
025349 El cielo se nos cae encima! £17.50  
025347 El escudo arverno £17.50  
127323 El golpe de menhir £17.50  
022934 El mal trago de Obélix £17.50  
025140 El papiro del César £17.50  
025348 La cizaña £17.50  
022276 La hoz de oro £17.50  
126985 La Odisea de Asterix £17.50  
022935 La sorpresa del César £17.50  
025350 Los laureles del César £17.50  

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