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Brexit must be reversed!

Posted by Frank Preiss, on 6 June 2017. Comments: 0

Far beyond this week's election we face a momentous and potentially disastrous change to Britain's future, based on a misguided referendum and a catalogue of misunderstandings and lies on both sides of the argument.

Leavers made wildly unrealistic promises about taking back control, funding the NHS and Britain's future ability to make new trade deals around the world. They showed no sign of understanding the complexities of Brexit. Just negotiating our exit from the EU looks like costing more than we will get back for 5-10 years at best, and tying up our stretched negotiators for many years.

Remainers badly mis-represented the so-called Project Fear, but not in the way Leavers pretend. If anything they understated the likely damage from Brexit; they were only wrong about the timing. The damage was never likely to be instantaneous. The economy is a big ship, that takes months or years to turn round.

The first signs of damage are now piling up. Already in one year the UK economy has fallen from top to bottom for growth among EU countries. The Pound has fallen 15%, which is good for exporters but bad for the rest of us. And while net immigration fell by 80,000 in the same period, ironically the reduction was mostly a matter of fewer EU migrants arriving and more EU citizens leaving - both factors unaffected by government policy, and both bad for our economy, as well as for the migrants' countries, and for the UK's standing in the world.

As we approach the moment of no return we must nail the biggest lie of all: that 'the people have spoken', it was a democratic decision' and therefore the result of the referendum cannot be reversed.

For a full explanation of why that's rubbish click here: grayling on Brexit

Of course Professor Grayling is biased, a committed Remainer, but his arguments seem to me incontrovertible and if so stopping Brexit is now extremely urgent. Even if it's stopped before the moment of no return in early 2019, a huge amount of damage will already have been done.

In Thursday's election only the Lib Dems seem committed to a second referendum. As a reluctant member of the Lib Dem party I regret I don't think Tim Farron is the leader to take on this vital job. I would have preferred to have Nick Clegg back.

But needs must. Mrs May has been right about one thing only: Brexit is the overriding issue of this election.

The answer is not some Trumpian 'best deal for Britain' imposed by Mrs May, still less 'no deal'.

We need a properly constituted second referendum when we know what the 'best deal' is, and an option on the ballot paper to reverse Brexit.

To get there we must first prevent Theresa May from getting a 'strong and stable' majority that would allow her to take us off the cliff against our will.

In Cheltenham we can make a difference. Our Lib Dem candidate, Martin Horwood, has a good chance of election. But wherever you live, whatever your politics in normal times, these times are not normal. Shut your eyes and hold your nose if you must, but this time vote Lib Dem to nail the lie - and stop Brexit.


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